The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men

The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men

Perfumes – Our Daily Companion

I am trying to cover each and every topic related to everyday fashion and lifestyle so today we are going to just jump into the topic of “PERFUMES” . Perfumes are the most important add on’s that make one feel refreshed and energetic . Everyone wishes to have a fragrance of their choice .In this blog I will cover The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men

The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men
The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men

Perfumes are known as the “personality reflectors” .

It is a saying that –“One who has a better fragrance has a better vibe amongst everyone”

“You are never fully dressed without perfume!” 
― C. JoyBell C.

So Perfumes are know as your daily companion that’s why you must make the perfect choice. .

Why should we use perfumes?

Perfume is meant to enhance your personality , attire and overall being . As it is always said along with looking good you should smell good . Perfumes are important essential in your life as they are your daily companion . As everyone focuses to buy the best wardrobes , one should also rely on perfumes .

The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men
The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men

Many people tend to buy perfumes just for sake of buying. And you just cant buy any perfume online ,cause we have not in the era of advanced technology , you cant test its fragrance online , so at the end of this blog you will get a rough idea which perfume you should have a try on! . In this era we have a common reply to a question – “kya chalrahai” – “India mai tho fogg chalra hai”

Before we jump on the list if perfumes I would like to add some do’s and don’ts for applying perfume

DO’s and DON’TS


1. Choose a fragrance that fits your lifestyle

2. Try each and every perfume applying to areas on skin apart from each other.

3. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to a scent so if you have a dry skin choose a mild strong perfume


1. Don’t just stick to 1 perfume the whole year try using different fragrances based on seasonal changes because scents are affected due to temperature

2. Before buying a perfume online Just check it in the locals so to get an idea of its fragrance

3. Buy perfumes from trusted stores online as well as if you buy manually

Should I buy First Copy perfumes?

The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men
The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men

There are many people who run behind the brand of perfume for e.g. Gucci , Armani , Dolce&Gabbana , Versace etc and usually buys its first copy!

Strict warning!!!

Don’t buy first copy perfumes as they smell similar but cause harmful effects to your skin

From which Category We should pick our Perfume?

The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men

Perfumes are categorized based on their perfume content according to percentages of pure perfumes . They are also divided into different categories based on the their time of lasting .

They are divided as follows:


Parfum also known as pure perfume has the highest fragrance concentration of about 30-40% . Perfumes lying under this category lasts longer and therefore you are needed to spend some expensive amount to buy them. It lasts up to 8 hours

Eau de Parfum:

After parfum , Eau de Parfum has the second highest fragrance percentage about 15-20% It lasts on an average for 5 hours . It is most suitable for sensitive skin . This is the most common category of perfumes for daily use .

Eau de Cologne:

It has the lowest concentration of fragrance and it usually lasts for 2 hours on an average scale . Perfumes under this category are very cheap due to the fragrance content. I suggest don’t rely on this perfumes.

So till now I have provided quite information on the various types of perfumes. Now its time to reveal the top 10 trending perfumes of 2019

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The 10 Best Fragrances of 2019 for Men:

1. ZARA Blue Spirit:

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The best perfume from Zara as per my choice. It has a pleasant fragrance. The fragrance of ocean which indulges us refreshment .

2. Zara Gold :

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This is my second priority perfume from Zara after Zara Blue Spirit. Zara Gold has a strong and warm Fragrance . It lasts for a long period of time . I rate this 8/10

3. United Colors of Benetton:

Benetton has a signature fragrance of wood , mint , orange and lemon in this perfume . It is a cool perfume and a light fragrance .

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4. Jaguar Classic Black:

The premium edition from jaguar is the jaguar black with strong fragrance which lasts for long period of time . Those who love strong fragrances can go for this perfume.


5. Ferrari (Red) :

Both the perfumes from Ferrari are the best fragrances . It has a mild fragrance . Those who have budget upto 3.5k can go for this perfume


6. Ferrari (Black):


7. Calvin Klein:

The most popular perfumes from luxury category . It has the top notes are pineapple, green notes, mandarin orange, papaya, bergamot, cardamom and lemon

8. Police:


It includes top notes of lemon, cedar, bay leaf, cardamom and nutmeg
Middle notes of artemisia, cashmere, amber and aromatic lavender . Best suited for daily use

9. Skinn:


Skinn has brought the special edition for men – Its white edition skinn perfumes Top Notes: Watery fruits, bergamot and manderine
Middle Notes: Violet leaves, pomarose and geranium . Sweet fragrance – Lasts for 6 hours

10. Bentley:


One of the best perfumes for the category of luxurious perfumes rated 4.2 on the scale of 5.

It has value for the money rather being some costly but you can definitely rely on this .

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