Sneaker Trends for 2019 | Men’s Fashion
sneaker trends

Sneaker Trends for 2019 | Men’s Fashion

If You are thinking to buy shoes you should read the following blog ,you will get to know some styling tips and with which wardrobe the typical shoes you should wear. In this blog I would be writing on Sneaker Trends for 2019

sneaker trends for men


Shoes are know as the cherry on the cake for your fashion . Here is the famous saying “People will first look at your shoes either looking at your face”. Quite funny? But yes this is the bitter truth! . You should take a proper care that of what you are wearing because at the end of the day how you present yourself matters a lot .

A basic understanding about clothing is always appreciated.

Sneaker Trends for 2019

Points to keep in mind while buying Shoes | Sneaker Trends for 2019

1.Always go for white / shoes having decent color base.

2. Never opt for funky or shoes having a lot of design on it , as it expresses a negative vibe about your fashion.

3.Go for mid range shoes and try using shoes of various brands , cause as you go on experimenting you can discover new fashion trends … Go have a try !

4.Keep in mind You have to choose the pattern of shoes which matches the t-shirt / shirt you have . (Not mandatory)

What are you planning to wear on wedding , parties , meetups etc..? | Sneaker Trends for 2019

Shoes impart you the next level look to your clothing.It expresses your personality as mentioned earlier . Have a glance at the shoes suggested below and try them at different functions

Why Most of the celebs have Sneaker Game on point

You have observed many celebs styling different shoes . They always have Sneaker game on point and come up with different Fashion looks.

Why to avoid wearing slippers / flip-flops?

Are you still wearing flip-flops and slippers? They are known as -“THE FASHION SPOILERS“.

First thing is I would suggest throw them of..

Ughh!! They give negative sight of insight and look very weird if you are putting them on with formal , stylish , or normal looks.Literally who wears them in this fashion era.

Here are some of the examples

You would definitely reject

And will never risk it with your style!

Looking for Red color shoes?

Most of the people have love for the red . They like red , wear red , but do you know that red shoes are the most ugly .

Where will I get amazing shoes under ₹3000 ? | Sneaker Trends for 2019

This is the most common question asked by many people. Most of us try to find things which lye under our budget .

I would like to suggest you will get a lot of amazing and pocket friendly shoes under this range

Here are some of the shoes which you should add to your collections

Brands which offer shoes under ₹3000


Jack and jones

United colors of benetton



Mast and harbour

You can also try buying shoes from amazon which I have listed below

High top shoes – Sneaker Trends for 2019

In this days the trend of high top shoes has came in limelight . High top shoes looks fab on T-shirts . Check out how I styled Hrx high top shoes on ed-hardy black emboss T-shirts .The combination looks out to be great.

I suggest you guys to have a try on this shoes

Here I have suggested which shoes will match the best for a particular look – styled “Sneaker Trends for 2019”

Sneaker Trends for 2019
sneaker trends for 2019

1: T-shirts and rugged jeans / chinos:

On dark t-shirts mostly prefer white shoes.

Wear high top shoes you will get a list of it on myntra , most of them are under ₹3000

Hrx White high top/midtop sneakers~

Sneaker Trends for 2019

Mast and harbour slip on’s:

Sneaker Trends for 2019
Sneaker Trends for 2019
Sneaker Trends for 2019

Flying machine slip ons:

Sneaker Trends for 2019

Jack and jones:

2:On Formals


Red tape:

Ok so here i would like to end my blog the list goes on and on if you want me to do more blogs on shoes dm me on instagram

My handle – @thegauravgaikwad

So when are you planning to grab them all…??

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